Josh Hubin is a ’08 graduate of McPherson College and is our Automotive Restoration Admissions Counselor. Contact Josh with any questions about being admitted to the program at or call 800-365-7402.

Are you passionate about opening your own auto restoration business, working for an auction company or even managing a major car collection? Our graduates do all of this and more. We prepare graduates to step into corporate level restoration entities, become general restorers, step into museum settings and become leaders in the industry.

Our four-year bachelor’s degree program will give you many advantages including - internships with national museums and restoration shops, career services support, resume building, in-depth learning and dedicated instructors who will personalize your experience.

Call 800-365-7402 to schedule your tour of our first-class restoration facility.

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From the Automotive Restoration faculty:

“For me, teaching is a way to help young people find a career they will love. One’s job isn’t everything, but aligning your vocation with your passion helps you to thrive at life overall.”
“To me, there is nothing more fascinating than the people around me.  No matter what I teach, whether it be mechanics, history, writing, or molecular chemistry, I focus on first figuring out what we know, and then the people who figured out how we know what we know.  I love teaching because it helps myself and those around me come closer to the basic curiosity that at some level animates all of us.  I teach because others want to know, and because I want to know, too.”
“For me, teaching automotive paint restoration is equally a passion and a privilege. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to teach the technical aspects of restoration as well as build relationships with students and contribute to their development as a whole person at McPherson College. I find it a great personal privilege to engage with students from all different walks of life.”
“My goal as an educator in auto restoration is to make electricity and electrical systems understandable – and useful.  When you understand why something works you can figure out how it is supposed to work – and how to fix it if need be.”
“When I came to McPherson College as a student, I finally felt like my passion and skills aligned.  Now as a teacher in the Automotive Restoration Program, I hope to provide a spark in students so that they can feel that satisfaction as well.”
“In Auto Restoration, we spend a lot of time working on the objects and learning the processes. As a teacher, I try to help my students realize it’s the people that make what we do so important. Whether it’s us studying antique automobiles or the current caretakers of them or others we meet along the way…. it’s all about the people.”
“My interest in cars and all things mechanical is something I cannot explain; it has always come to me naturally. It was not until I sat in a classroom filled with other like-minded young students, learning about the finer points of the automobile, that I felt at home in an educational environment and my desire to learn more was fueled. As a teacher, my hope is that my students find comfort that they are in a place with like-minded curious people and I can provide spark and fuel for their passion and careers. I get fuel from their success – their success is my success.”

The Auto Restoration Admissions Process

Individuals interested in studying Automotive Restoration Technology must be admitted separately to the program after being admitted to the College. Enrollment in the Automotive Restoration Technology Program is limited to 40 new students including 5 degree-holding transfers. To be admitted into the Automotive Restoration Technology Program, an applicant must:

1Apply to McPherson College. Submit the free, online application to McPherson College.

2Submit required documents. High school students/first-time freshmen must provide a state-certified high school transcript or GED and corresponding standardized test scores. Transfer students must provide official copies of transcript(s) from all college(s) and an official copy of high school transcripts or GED certificate. See Admissions page for specific requirements.

3Acceptance to McPherson College. You will be notified if all requirements are met and your are accepted to McPherson College.

4Apply for candidacy to the Automotive Restoration Program. Prepare and upload a portfolio, essay and resume to Slideroom.  Please see upload requirements here.
5Submit Enrollment Deposit. Upon acceptance into the Automotive Restoration Program, students must submit a $250 deposit to reserve their place. The non-refundable deposit will be applied to her/his tuition. Early applications are encouraged because the size of the program is limited.