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Lorena Medrano M.A.

Lorena Medrano


B.A. Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela
M.S. Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela
M.S., M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia

Prof. Medrano’s degrees in Animal Science, Management Production, and Agribusiness were the beginning of an extensive career in Management Consultant and Food Manufacturing Production. For several years she worked in companies such Mission Foods, SaraLee, Ralston Foods, Murphy Family Farm and ConAgra Frozen Foods. However, in 2003 Missouri Valley College offered her the chance to teach Spanish, where finally she found her true passion. After that experience she decided to enter into the Spanish program at the University of Missouri Columbia, where she finished her M.A in peninsular literature and also continued course work for the Ph.D. in peninsular literature.  During her years at the university she accompanied her studies with extensive teaching experience that helped her to become the educator she is today. While working on her Ph.D.,  she taught all levels of Spanish (beginner, intermediate and advanced) at the university and also business courses such as marketing, international marketing, principles of management and introduction to business at Missouri Valley College. In 2008 she started teaching literature and civilization courses at Stephen College.

Even though her background and culture are from Latin America, she developed a passion for Cervantes and his work. However, more than in research, she feels that her passion and her commitment are in teaching her native language to students of all backgrounds and cultures.   Today she is pleased to put all that extensive education and experience to the service of  all students of McPherson College.

“As a language educator I still battle every day to find the best way to enrich students’ minds, to satisfy their curiosity about cultural differences or simply to question their own mind set. I believe that knowing a different culture and language will help them to be successful in life, to better share their ideas with others, to engage in a discovering process and to have the confidence to achieve anything they want.”