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Close-to-Home Scholarship

Value + Affordability.

Close-to-Home Scholarship

Get a generous scholarship package and the earning power of a McPherson College four-year degree!
Students attending high school within McPherson County or in the communities of Buhler, Hesston, Hillsboro, Little River, and Lyons, can apply for the

$26,500 per year Close-to-Home Scholarship package.


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Featured Stories

Meghan Monroe
Myriah Webster
  • "Being close to home and cutting down on costs were big reasons I chose McPherson College. I’m also in the Student Debt Project and plan to graduate with no loans."

    Meghan Monroe ‘24, McPherson, KS

    Meghan is majoring in Healthcare Management and plays in the concert and jazz bands at McPherson College.

  • “I’ve been extremely blessed to experience the programs and the caring professors that McPherson College has to offer. I never thought I’d be this far in my career before I even graduate.”

    Myriah Webster '21, Marquette, KS

    Myriah, a graduate of Smoky Valley High School, majored in business administration with an emphasis in both management and accounting and minored in music at McPherson College.

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Scholarship Details

The Close-to-Home Scholarship makes attending McPherson College the best value for area students.

This example worksheet shows how your cost could be below $10,000 per year:

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board
Federal Pell and KS Comp Grants– up to $9,000Pell and KS Comp Grants are available based on your FAFSA results.
Close-to-Home Scholarship– $26,500
Balance after scholarship & grants

Plus, enroll in our Student Debt Project and you can reduce your balance even more.

Debt Project earnings (variable)– $6,000Employment earnings contributed to your balance.
Debt Project match from MC– $1,500$.25 per dollar match from the college.
Ending Balance
1 year of tuition, fees, room & board.

Depending on your employment contributions while in the Student Debt Project you could end up needing zero or very little in direct loans.


  • Attends High School in McPherson County or the communities of Buhler, Hesston, Hillsboro, Little River, or Lyons.
  • High School Senior entering college as a first-time freshman
  • GPA of 3.0+ or an equivalent combined GPA/ACT score
  • Not participating in intercollegiate athletics
  • Not an Automotive Restoration major

Safety. Affordability. Success.

Pursuing knowledge together

With over 40 majors and pre-professional programs, McPherson College gives you the flexibility to explore many academic interests, take chances, ask questions, and be part of a campus that prizes curiosity and collaboration over competition.​


You can graduate with little to no debt thanks to our Student Debt Project.  Easily pay-as-you-go the little bit left after the Close-to-Home scholarship by enrolling in the Student Debt Project. We’ll provide financial literacy education, mentorships and an earnings match of $.25 for every dollar earned that you apply to your account.


2/3 of our grads secure a job before graduation. That’s 3x the national average! We know one of your top priorities in earning a college education is finding a job. We’re confident that our education and resources, combined with your hard work and dedication, will set you apart in your career.

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Graduate College Debt Free?

It's possible to graduate with little to no student loan debt through our Student Debt Project.

The Student Debt Project combines financial literacy education, jobs and mentorships to create a pathway for students to graduate with little or no debt.