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    Auto Restoration

    Recognized as the only program of its kind in the nation.

    Contemporary technology meets traditional craftsmanship. Our bachelor’s degree in restoration technology is the only of its kind in the nation. From the early 1900’s horseless carriages up through the muscle car era, we work on a wide range of vehicles. Our supportive professors and broad-based curriculum give you the hands-on experience and well-rounded skill sets needed to succeed. We’re focused on our mission of being the center of excellence for students serious about automotive restoration.

    When you graduate, you’ll feel confident to step into high-end restoration shops, museum settings, private collections and a range of other areas of the collector car industry. Even a path to own your own business. Ultimately, you’ll become highly sought-after in the industry.

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    Review Magazine

    Past issues: Fall 2020: “Measuring Success Beyond Wins and Loses” Spring 2020: “Keeping Community During a Pandemic” Fall 2019: “Rooted in a Tradition of Service” Spring 2019: “Should Small Colleges […]

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    Tuition & Fees

    The estimated annual costs to attend McPherson College for 2019-2020 for a full-time, undergraduate student are $38,659. This includes tuition, fees, room and board (based on Standard Room and Meal […]

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    AR Alumni Newsletter – Dec 2017

    Gullwing project offers unique experience Alums know how importantΒ partnerships with restoration professionals across the countryΒ are for AR students. Internships provide a wide range of valuable career-focused experiences during their time […]

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    Castles, Museums, and a Choir Concert – Luke Hannan

    We started off the morning a little early for some of us jet-lagged folks with an absolutely exquisite breakfast. The breakfast consisted of a plethora of fresh fruit on pastries, […]

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    AR Alumni Newsletter – June 2018

    My Classic Car features McPherson College Nearly 100 people attended a Cars & Coffee Viewing Party on June 9th to celebrate the premiere of the newest episode of β€œMy Classic […]

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    “Czech” it out – Joshua Hall

    This morning brought our first full day in Prague in the Czech Republic. We started our day with breakfast provided by our hotel. Shortly after we began our bus ride […]

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    GR+4: Amarillo, TX to Santa Fe, NM

    Today marked the fourth day of the race which took us through the flat plains of Texas and into the hills of New Mexico. Our warm-up run brought us past […]

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    GR+9: San Bernadino, CA to Santa Monica, CA

    Today marked the final day of The Great Race. We set out from San Bernadino, CA up into the mountains to begin the day. This was to be only a […]

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    McPherson College Honors Young Alumni

    Each year McPherson College recognizes the accomplishments of young alumni during the Honors Convocation at Homecoming. This year three alumni – Craig Henderson β€˜91, Jon Paden β€˜91, and Elizabeth Stover […]